For Smooth Fox Terrier sculptures, please scroll down through this whole page to see many pictures and links to other pages.

The Smooth Fox sculptures on these pages were created by the late Denis Springer , internationally renowned dog sculptor and recognized Terrier authority. They are available exclusively through this Originals By Springer website.

As I plan my retirement, I am cutting back on inventory and there will be no more bronze casting.

All in-stock bronze sculptures are priced well below the cost of a new casting.

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Link to the Life-Sized Bronze Smooth Fox Terrier Statue and Bust

Link to the Smooth Fox Terrier pin page

Link to Smooth Fox Terrier pewter "action scene" sculptures:

Link to Smooth Fox Terrier bronze "action scene" sculptures:

Link to Smooth Fox Terrier candlesticks

Originally priced at $225 each, 2 in-stock items (1 lighter and 1 darker) discounted to $100 each

Smooth Fox Terrier small figurine, limited edition bronze - no more will be cast

The small standing bronze Smooth is one of our original pieces and has been very popular. It's about 3-1/2" tall and the edition is limited to 50 only.

The sculpture is shown here with two different patina finishes - a very light traditional bronze patina and a medium traditional patina.

Smooth Fox Terrier small figurines (4 poses), pewter -

$90 each for the three larger figures & $45 for the smaller one

The larger Smooth Fox Terrier pewter sculptures are three poses of the same sized dog - about 3-1/2" tall. The smaller one on the right (lying down) is just over 1-1/2" high

3 in-stock gold-plated pawing figures reduced to $40 each

3 in-stock gold-plated playbow figures reduced to $40 each

gold-plated pewter - new castings no longer available

These are pictures of the same pewter sculptures as described above - after the pewter has been gold-plated.

Please note that all our bronze and pewter sculptures are cast in the U.S.A. Our Pewter items are lead-free pewter and our Bronze is true bronze, cast in the traditional hot-cast (lost-wax) method - not cold-cast "bronze," which is really a resin mixture.

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